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You would think by now the majority of personal and business users would backup their important data on a daily, weekly monthly etc. basis. However, even now, recent studies find that the vast majority of computer users do not backup data on their own nor do they utilize a data backup service to manage this vital task. To be honest, we find it very hard to believe that the majority of businesses do not utilize backup data solutions yet the fact remains, 94% of all computer users, 94% of all computer users, do not back up their data on a routine basis. But don’t worry, there is time to accomplish this task. Here’s how.

Data Backup Solutions For the Personal Consumer

94% of Users Do Not Backup Their Data

94% of Users Do Not Backup Their Data

Here at DedicatedNOW, we are in the business of providing the best dedicated hosting solutions to personal and business consumers. With our solutions, we offer complex backup data solutions including R1 Soft Continuous Data Protection, disaster recovery solutions, RAID security, Rsync and managed tape backup. But the thing is we know for the majority of consumers who aren’t using DedicatedNOW solutions, or for that matter, dedicated server hosting services, R1 Soft and the aforementioned data security options isn’t what they need. For the majority of consumers, backup data services like CrashPlan+, Carbonite, Jungle Drive and Moxy will work just fine. This is because for the vast majority of consumers who aren’t utilizing a data backup services or an external hard drive connected to their laptop, a simple online data security/data backup/data restore solution will fit their needs. In some cases, for some users the free data storage solutions like DropBox will suffice. However, for those users who utilize dedicated server hosting, enterprise level data backup/data security/data restore solutions are needed.

Data Backup Solutions for Dedicated Hosting

Data Backup

Data Backup

When you make the jump to Dedicated Hosting, or complex Cloud Hosting, solutions like Carbonite and Moxy aren’t going to cut it anymore. No, once you make the jump to Dedicated Hosting to manage and control your companies Cloud hosting needs, DedicatedNOW offers Disaster Recovery and Backup Solutions including RAID, Rsync, Managed Tape Backup and Continuous Data Protection. We do this because we know as a small to medium sized business who handles sensitive customer and internal financial data on a daily basis, you need an excellent provider who will take care of your backup needs without you having to worry about how often or when you data backups. Moreover, we provide data backup solutions for customers looking for multiple points of backup on a daily basis. Point in case, DedicatedNOW, as your provider should, backups your data using 100 recovery points per day, that is to say, your data is constantly being backed up and maintained. With all these points of recovery on a daily basis, what happens if something happens to your server? What happens if something takes place in your dedicated server causing your data to fail? With a company onsite solution, you might be SOL. However with solutions like DedicatedNOW, who utilize RAID and redundancy techniques, your data is never lost.

Data Security, Data Redundancy and Data Restore

The truth of the matter is, when it comes to online data backup solutions, RAID and redundancy are only one part of the solution. Although RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) is widely used through the industry to make sure data loss doesn’t take place when a server fails, RAID solutions aren’t enough. This is where Continuous Data Protection (CDP) comes into play. CDP offers clients the following:

  • Differential and incremental Backups
  • Efficiently archive Data for long-term Disk-based Storage
  • IDE, SCSI, SATA Hard disks
  • Near-Continuous Online Backups for MySQL servers
  • Database and Table level recovery
  • Only changed disk sectors are read during each synchronization
  • Data Security

    Data Security

  • End-to-end Strong Encryption
  • Point-in-time snapshots
  • Restore specific files/folders
  • Point-In-Time Snapshots for MyISAM and InnoDB
  • Restore tables or databases to alternate locations
  • Store over 50 MySQL recovery points per-day
  • Bare-Metal Restore for MySQL Servers

Essentially CDP is the end all, be all of dedicated server hosting data security and restoring. Offering clients the ability to restore specific files or folders, restoring from certain snapshots taken during the day and full end-to-end data encryption, CDP let’s you breathe easy at night knowing your data is safe.

The Bottom Line in Data Backup

At the end of the day, 94% of users still don’t backup their data. Don’t be part of this 94%. Whether you choose to utilize an external hard drive connected to your laptop, online data backup solutions like Carbonite or enterprise level dedicated server data backup solutions like DedicatedNOW, backup your data. Remember, your mother used to tell you “better safe than sorry.” Now, none of us really like to admit when our parents are correct, but in this case, your mother knew what she was talking about. BACKUP YOUR DATA!

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