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Jason Silverglate full video interview with Jeremy Geelan President of Sys-Con Media @CloudExpo 2012

As promised in an early post, here is the link to the full video interview between CEO of FortressITX Jason Silverglate and President of Sys-Con Media Jeremy Geelan (@jg21). Due to noise in the background, below you can find a full transcription of the interview.

Sys-Con Interview with Jeremy Geelan @CloudExpo

Sys-Con Interview with Jeremy Geelan @CloudExpo


Jeremy Geelan (Sys-Con): This is Jeremy Geelan for Sys-Con TV we’re here at 10th Cloud Expo, 10th Cloud Expo New York as is Jason Silverglate. Thank you for joining us Jason.

Jason Silverglate (FortressITX): Well you’re welcome Jeremy.

JG: We are pleased to see FortressITX at Cloud Expo. How’s it been going for you at the show?

JS: The shows been absolutely fantastic. We have been getting some really great leads and the show presenters are really good and the Sys-Con staff is doing a phenomenal job.

JG: Well we try. But much more important we hope to bring you the right people. So have you been seeing the right types of customers?

JS: Oh yes, definitely, I believe so. We are definitely getting some great leads, some marquee type clients looking for our type of services.

JG: It’s good you should say that now because the people out there, the gazillions of viewers are saying, ‘so what is it that FortressITX does?’ and Jason is going to tell us.

JS: We are a cloud integrator. We help companies bring their internal IT infrastructure into the Cloud. Pretty simple.

JG: That sounds good. So where does the ITX come into play?

JS: Integrated Technologies.

JG: Ahh. ITX…excellent. So, let’s imagine: who should be coming to you when they can come to the guy in the booth down the road?

JS: We have a very regionalized approach as opposed to other companies who have a whoever wants to come to them kind of approach. We focus on primarily companies here in the NY metropolitan area helping companies offload their IT closets into our privately held Data Center by bringing them into the private cloud in our on site facilities.

JG: Now, how much…if your East Coast can we then look for West Coast business or is still physics involved?

JS: We definitely look for West Coast business. But the question is how much latency is involved? What kind of IT applications do they need to be moved?

JG: So if I was in the financial services…and I were here I would need to use you but if I were on the West Coast as a financial service, I would need to use someone there?

JS: Financial services, no matter where they are, they want to be in New York.

***cross laughter***

JG: Never mind the physics of it…

JS: Financially yes. It’s all about New York.

JG: And what other verticals do you get business from? What are the really meaty ones?

JS: Just general business, generally corporations offloading their internal (IT) closets, taking all their various services, virtualizing them and putting them into a private cloud. So it’s not really vertical basis more so a technology based vertical. We focus on getting your old legacy infrastructure. turning it from CAPEX to OPEX…

JG: Do you, Jason, do any evaluation around those basic tenants of Cloud? Or you pretty much give me, or well, taking…you are helping leverage them?

JS: Some of the newer technologies that haven’t caught on yet…VDI… requires more evaluation than say Hosted Exchange or Cloud IaaS services…

JG: And what do you actually get with a show like this? Let’s tell that to people who aren’t exhibiting. What does one get from a trade show in 2012? Still reach that section of customers or can they be reached another way?

JS: I think we are meeting customers here that we probably wouldn’t have met otherwise and we are meeting the right people. We are meeting the right customers, the type we are looking for. So yeah, you are meeting a good group of people…

JG: You’ve got time to talk to them and really start a relationship…

JS: Here you really get the time to differentiate yourself from the competitors.

JG: That’s great – a chance to differentiate yourself….So we hope with Sys-Con TV that will happen. Now if people want to catch up with you via the world wide web, I am thinking they should go to your url?

JS: Yeap. They can come to www.fortressitx.com, f-o-r-t-r-e-s-s-i-t-x.com

JG: How stellar is that. Personal invitation, no less, from Jason Silverglate. Thank you so much.

JS: Thank you Jeremy.

JG: Thank you so much for joining us here in New York City and thank you for following along out there on the World Wide Web.



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