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Today’s IT market is dominated by the Cloud. From Cloud Hosting, to Cloud Storage solutions, to Windows VPS Hosting and Linux VPS Web-Hosting used to support one-click installs of Cloud apps like WordPress and Magento, Cloud Computing is everywhere these … Read More
You would think by now the majority of personal and business users would backup their important data on a daily, weekly monthly etc. basis. However, even now, recent studies find that the vast majority of computer users do not backup … Read More
Incoming Traffic! We Have Incoming Traffic! Traffic. In our Internet-centric world, traffic is almost the end-all be-all of conversions. Just as if you ran a small mom and pop grocer establishment, getting people in the door is more than half … Read More
This is a question we get a lot. In the web hosting industry, most customers know they need some variation of web hosting technology to power their company website, professional blog or ecommerce site. However, although most consumers and small to medium sized businesses understand the...
So, here is the thing. Domain Names are Important. Recently we saw a glossy commercial while watching some Sunday NFL games. The ad was for the hosting company, 1 & 1. Although the ad was short, it was selling one thing and one thing only – Domain names. Although we don’t have the ex...
Website hosting providers are numerous on the market today. Due to this when you are in the market for a company to host your public facing website, you won’t struggle to find a decent provider. However before you go ahead … Read More
Xeon 5620 Fire Sale – Servers Starting at $349!!! Order here! Single Server w/ 24GB of RAM & Lightning Fast RAID1 SAS Drives = $349 /month Web & Database Combo Web Server w/ 18GB of RAM & Ultra-Fast RAID1 SAS … Read More
If you’re anything like us, you are somewhat obsessed with web hosting, web hosting technologies and web hosting solutions. From dedicated servers, to VPS solutions, to knowing how to get FTP access into your server’s control panel, having a healthy … Read More
For today’s Infographic Tuesday, we were feeling very redundant, very redundant…. That was a little joke. We hope you don’t mind. And now, without further waste, we present you with “A Very Brief History of RAID”  
By Salvatore Poliandro, FortressITX Director of Datacenter Operations Last week, we chatted about how the Cloud impacts the lives of general consumers, web developers and businesses. At the end of that blog, I asked this question: “Can the Cloud save … Read More
We love the Cloud. You love saving money. Let’s merge the two. For the full blog post, click “Let’s Talk Dollars and Cents in the Cloud.”  
Our business is about empowering you as a customer. Our business is about supplying you with all the needed tools to dominate your field of choice. We empower you with the most advanced Cloud Hosting solutions available anywhere on the market today. From Windows VPS to Linux VPS, from ...
As a company we have made the decision to hire more account managers and extend our customer service hours. We are doing this because we care about your customer experience with us. We have upped our game so you can up yours. … Read More
Let’s be honest for a moment, you might love what you do but you’re in business to make money. It’s as simple as that. You love that you provide a valuable service to your local, city and national community, yet … Read More
Let’s recap: In the past two weeks we have covered the following material: Who I am What my background is Why I love everything IT What the Cloud is What the Public … Last week I ended with a question: How does the Cloud affect me as a consumer, as a business owner and as someone...
What is the “Cloud”? What is “Cloud” computing? These are questions I get all the time. For the vast majority of people, the “Cloud” is a lofty term having to do something with computing or, let’s be honest, puffy cumulus wisps of moisture floating around in the sky. The truth is the “...
I would like to take a few moments to introduce myself, my background and a little bit about what this blog contains. As long as I can remember I … Read More
Every month major corporate and governmental sites across the world are hacked for various reasons: faulty security protocols, badly administered firewalls, vulnerability to malware etc. The truth of the matter is as business owner your sensitive data, be it financial figures or custom...
It’s 11:36. Affiliate Summit 12 is starting to come to life. Most of the companies attending the summit are slowly working their way into the NYC Hilton. With a half an hour to go before the show, right now is … Read More
We love everything we do. We love providing you with the best Dedicated Hosting services available on the market today. However as much as we love doing this, and we do love doing this, sometimes we have to stop and … Read More
Round Table Discussion: The Future of Web Hosting feat. FortressITX COO Ross Brouse, FortressITX Dir. of Sales Brandon Hale, FortressITX Dir. of Datacenter Operations Salvatore Poliandro and FortressITX Dir. of Marketing Josh Ewin. Between the four is over 50 years … Read More
You’re the CEO of a growing firm and just decided to outsource your servers to a managed dedicated server provider, however you have no idea what that actually means? All you know is that every time you speak with someone in IT, your eyes glaze over and a nauseous feeling creeps int...
On Friday, July 13, 2012, FortressITX CEO Jason Silverglate sat down to have a casual conversation about the Cloud, specifically OaaS (Office-as-a-Service). We here at FortressITX know what OaaS is. We know it because it is what we do and what we … Read More
See that guy to the left of this writing? The guy putting on a mic and wearing a sweet pair of glasses? That guy is Nick Vanadium. He is a Linux Administrator for FortressITX/DedicatedNO/SolarVPS. If you are one of our … Read More
Wow! HostingCon Boston is already over. Three days in the sweltering summer heat of Boston filled with Cloud Flare rail guns, cPanel parties w/ the amazing Ralphie May, interviews with various members of The Whir and Hosting-Review.com and a lot … Read More
We understand, you’re nostalgic. You are a business owner who believes in counting on what works. In this case, it’s the phone system you installed for your office in 1991. Sure, the system has call waiting, hold music, direct inward … Read More
As promised in an early post, here is the link to the full video interview between CEO of FortressITX Jason Silverglate and President of Sys-Con Media Jeremy Geelan (@jg21). Due to noise in the background, below you can find a … Read More
DedicatedNOW is dedicated to providing you with industry leading managed servers and complex hosting solutions. We take pride in our round the clock customer service, our high performance data backup and out dotDefender Web Application Firewall. All in all DedicatedNOW … Read Mor...
Here at DedicatedNOW, Solar VPS & FortressITX we take a lot of pride in our appearance. The weeks leading up to Cloud Expo NYC 2012 the FortressITX team mulled over what our booth would look like. We wanted to use our … Read More